a born-digital, open-review volume edited by Jack Dougherty and Kristen Nawrotzki


This volume of essays would not have been possible without the numerous contributors and commenters who participated in the process and helped shape our vision of what it means to be writing history in the digital age. We include those who played a part in our pilot project for the History of Education Society conference in Fall 2010, as well as those who submitted an essay or posted a comment on the web-book between its launch in May 2011 and the conclusion of the open-review period in November 2012: Trudi Abel, Dan Allosso, Zayde Antrim, Davarian Baldwin, Jean Bauer, Chad Black, Daniela Blei, Lauren Braun-Strumfels, Kevin J. Brehony, Sheila Brennan, Anne-Elizabeth Brodsky, Timothy Burke, William Caraher, Alex Sayf Cummings, Jed Dobson, Sherman Dorn, Thomas Dublin, David Elder, Ansley Erickson, Daniel Faltesek, Nadine Feuerherm, Nancy Friedland, Courtney Fullilove, Sandra Gabriele, Alex Galarza, Susan Garfinkel, Fred Gibbs, Shawn Graham, Cheryl Greenberg, Trevor Griffey, Robbie Gross, Peter Haber, Christopher Hager, Eric Hansen, Tom Harbison, Katherine Hart, Jason Heppler, Michael Hevel, Jonathan Jarrett, Jason Jones, Julie Judkins, Judith Kafka, Hillary Kativa, Mills Kelly, Charles Klinetobe, Shane Landrum, Adrea Lawrence, Cindy Loch-Drake, Brandon Locke, Abbey Lowe, Leslie Madsen-Brooks, Sarah Manekin, Katya Maslakowski, Austin Mason, Guy Massie, Jeff McClurken, John McClymer, Jeremy McGinniss, James B. McSwain, Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, Corey Meyer, Sylvia K. Miller, Sara Morris, Hilary Moss, Kaci Nash, Rob Nelson, Scott Nesbit, Andrea Nichols, Ellen Noonan, Bethany Nowviskie, Mike O’Malley, Y. P. Ong, Trevor Owens,  Marshall Poe, Miriam Posner, Heather Munro Prescott, Jenny Presnell, Michelle Purdy, Svetlana Rasmussen, Penny Richards, Stephen Robertson, Charlotte D. Rochez, Barbara Rockenbach, Oscar Rosales Castaneda, Lisa Rosner, Katherine Rowe, Paul Rowland, Allison Ruda, Brian Sarnacki, Martha Saxton, Frank Schloeffel, Julia Schreiner, Steven Schwinghamer, Amanda Seligman, Jen Seltz, Ryan Shackleton, Ryan Shaw, Tim Sherratt, Amanda Sikarskie, Kathryn Kish Sklar, Margery Sly, Anna Smith, Lisa Spiro, Stefan Tanaka, Mark Tebeau, John Theibault, William G. Thomas, Dee Thompson, Michelle Tiedje, Kathryn Tomasek, Andrew J. Torget, Hannah Ueno, Ted Underwood, Jason Verber, Luke Waltzer, Ethan Watrall, Marcin Wilkowski, Jacqueline Wilson, Rebecca S. Wingo, Mark Winokur, Gail Wolfe, Robert Wolff, and Laura Zucconi.

We also appreciate the timely WordPress support provided by Carlos Espinosa and David Tatem at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut; the creation of CommentPress by Eddie Tejeda and the Institute for the Future of the Book, with subsequent revisions by Christian Wach; our Trinity College research assistant, Katie Campbell; a Trinity Institute for Interdisciplinary Scholarship manuscript fellowship; early words of encouragement on creating this volume from Tom Scheinfeldt at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University; and our publishing partners at the University of Michigan: Tom Dwyer, Shana Kimball, Korey Jackson, Christopher Dreyer, Alexa Ducsay, and their colleagues.

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Source: https://writinghistory.trincoll.edu/introduction-2012-spring/acknowledgements/